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A small family-owned Farmstead in El Paso, Texas, offering farm fresh eggs, hatching eggs, a self-serve farm stand, and more!

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I ordered a dozen eggs from her off ebay. USPS rerouted the package to another state which delayed shipment for another 3 days(totally USPS fault not hers). She felt so bad that the eggs would arrive near the 1 week mark and was afraid they would be so shaken from shipment that none would hatch that she issued me a refund and offered to send a new box. I told her let's see how they do. They arrived beautifully packaged with no cracks or broken eggs. Nearly all had development at day 7. The air cells took quite a bit of damage during shipping from USPS but we got 4 healthy chicks to hatch. After showing her the 4 healthy chicks, she still insisted on sending another box for free which I greatly appreciate. She went above and beyond to make sure that we got healthy chicks and we definitely recommend her and will buy from her again. I wish all breeders were as dedicated to customer satisfaction as she is. Many are out for the money and will even send you infertile eggs, but she truly cares about healthy chicks and happy customers! For us to get healthy chicks from such scrambled eggs(once again 100% USPS fault because she packaged them beautifully), shows how healthy her birds are and that they have amazing fertility rates.



Fantastic seller! They packed every egg individually and secured them all. Responds to your request timely and keeps their promise to send you the best eggs. Best experience for customers concerns. 



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