Have a look at all we have to offer!

Chicken Eggs

Local Pickup

Farm fresh chicken eggs from happy, healthy hens!

Duck Eggs

Local Pickup

Farm fresh duck eggs. Perfect for baking!

Quail Eggs

Local Pickup

Fresh quail eggs hand gathered daily!

Hatching Eggs

Shipping Available

Fresh fertile hatching eggs from a variety of breeds of chicken, ducks, and quail. Find our current selection here.

Fresh Produce

Local Pickup

Fresh seasonal produce organically grown in our garden!

Farmstead Tours

Local Visits

Bring your family or group for a personal tour and meet-and-greet with our animals!

Local Farm Stand

Local Visits

Visit our local self-serve farm stand to get your eggs and baked goods.

Fresh Baked Goods

Local Pickup

Fresh homemade baked goods such as breads and desserts, made with our farm fresh ingredients.

Tallow Body Care

Local Pickup

Fresh homemade tallow skin and body care from true tallow and essential oils.